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                      anything I do of duration I eventually
                                doubt the point I can doubt everything
                      ‘can’t found the point
                                to rely on

                      learning that the point to rely on is not found
                                anywhere else but the place
                                where I am
                      to be found and rested in
                                by sitting

                      the more I do sitting the more I find
                                I cannot be at the
                                point where I am
                                at all
                      I can be carried along in the
                                determination-to-sit but
                                I am hardly there
                                not just sitting

                      ‘thing is I am looking for the angle
                                the posture which will
                                set me right like a superhero
                      still looking for the way out
                                of here
                      whereas the act of sitting and
                                never being on the spot
                                again and again will
                                bring its own wisdom

                      but not the angle I was hoping for
                                never the angle




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