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                                Shunryu Suzuki Roshi

                     when we sit we resume
                     our fundamental activity
                     of creation when we sit
                     we are nothing when we
                     stand up we are there
                     everything else is there
                     created all at once
                     from nothing then act

                     but if you forget the nothing
                     from which it came the
                     creation will mean nothing
                     the action will mean

                     any moment can be zazen
                     there is just what I am doing or
                     there is just what accrues and en-shells
                     while I am doing it
                     either way there just is

                     when I arise from that zazen      finish
                     then ‘I’ and ‘rest of the world’ appear
                     spontaneously and fresh
                                but that is all
                                the next zazen

                     and from this comes fresh
                     spontaneity      giving with
                     no sticky after effects




the first two stanzas use Shunryu Suzuki’s words from Zen Mind Beginner’s Mind p. 53 – hence the title

part of … oh
being & sitting wormhole: actually
giving wormhole: ‘let everything go …’
identity wormhole: actually
Shunryu Suzuki wormhole: Shunryu / Suzuki / Roshi
zazen wormhole: just