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actually even before I found what I thought I was looking for I was dreamy and searching

                                what is he looking for?
                                           why is he looking there?
                                                      where is he looking?
                                                                why isn’t he looking here?

I suppose it’s OK – I haven’t found resolution I cannot achieve significance but I still exist in the world

                                                                he has his head in the clouds
                                                      he is clever but impractical
                                           we love him not for his cleverness
                                we wish he’d be normal

it’s just time I exercised my search and practised my expression despite my world despite my career despite my family which never could – and never were there to – reflect back my significance

stand on my own two feet

you cannot leather the world
less so the harder you try
it just don’t fit easily
‘keeps slipping off rather

gather in
poise the abdomen
and step forward your





abdomen wormhole: ‘how ‘do
doing wormhole: tonglen doing
being wormhole: Shunryu Suzuki Roshi
life wormhole: don’t meditate / like a scientist
voices wormhole: ‘glints off …’