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Film: the Reader (2008); director: Stephen Daldry; actors: Kate Winslet, Ralph Fiennes




                                              a mood-al
                                spread over a nation’s psychology
                                Kate Winslet holding a gaunt throughout
                      does nudity so naturally and acceptingly of herself
                      being beautiful by not trying to be beautiful
Hanna Schmitt coming from an emotional land which is hard to read
            but forgivable because she is clean and direct in her communication
                      naive opening to the wonder of other
                                     living in an apartment with orange net curtains and screens
life emerging from a totalitarian landscape
                           coinciding with life emerging from adolescence for Michael
            then the true revelations, the twin revelations:
her illiteracy her life as a guard during the holocaust
                                do these militate the beauty of her naivete
            is there a link between her illiteracy and her culpability
                does the defence of ‘following orders’ reach to those in charge
     can Michael still love that open naivete that allowed her to discharge her duty efficiently
                                   did she reach atonement when she learnt to read

          she stepped up on her stacked books to hang herself
                                she grew to understand her life and took it
          her bare feet sticking to the book covers as she adjusted





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