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comic: Daredevil: Born Again (1987); writer: Frank Miller; artist: David Mazzucchelli




                                          am Spartacus

                                your name
                      the means by which society
                      uses you defines you consumes you
                                          breaks you
            defeated in a hundred different ways
            by asset by frame by hit and run
                                only when the apartment was blown up
                      was the gangster-touch revealed
                                          otherwise it was pure genius
                                the Kingpin
                                                   behind it all
                                          but behind it all never
                      never destroys the space
                                that the individual inhabits
                                and when the individual is destroyed
                                          when all hope in the individual is destroyed
                                the space is boundless
                                          there is no fear

                                it is only secret powers that are free
                                          they are only free
                      because they are secret
                                          because no one knows they are there
                                but everyone inhabits and lives the space
                                                   they allow





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