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film: Being There (1979); director: Hal Ashby; actors: Peter Sellers, Shirley MacLaine




                                the linger of history
                     in wooden rooms creaky with the skirting board
                                          wields power
                                always bigger than itself but
                                          always evanescent
                                          above the detail
                                despite the detail
                                despite the lives that it encloses
                                          so that life
                                                   and love
                                                   cannot speak and cannot be
                     free in the land of plenty and

                                          you can have the red lights
          you can have the mile-long driveway
                     you can have the paperwork and intelligence
                                but you have to have an apex
                     have to have the eye
                     which defines the grounds and domains
                                which must be the message
                                          and not the circumstance
                                          of person





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