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Dr Strange #6 (Feb 1975); Marvel; writer: Steve Englehart; artist: Gene Colan; inker: Klaus Janson




                     the always aslant encounter
                                of human street and park
                                making their lives
                                          in the grounds they see
                     in the grounds provided to them
                                                   constant encounter
                                as variable as the daily

                                                   for those who see
                     elliptical to the happenstance
                                          the skyline to the treeline
                                                   the glide to the cobbles
                                the palm to the point
                                          the bothstep to the same side
                     to avoid their paths
                                          and collide
                                          Hopper saw it
          and Colan saw it and Strange had already
                                          stepped into it
                                                   stepped out it


                                                   but now
                     his pupils were that much more round
                                the trashcan tilted
                                          the better to see now
                                                   the street
                                                   the face in the orb implied
                     that everything had changed and
          would never be the same

                                          continued …





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