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                  on the coach down to
                  Folkestone the pages of
                  Batman DC-14 100 Page
                  SUPER SPECTACULAR
                  pages from a time and world
                  before my day whole
                  streets and people lived
                  in shadow and yellow light
                  in recede and smirk
                  in caption and still
                  in numbers and dates –

                  later we walked down
                  into town from the campsite
                  and through the streets we
                  stepped into the general store
                  the smell of tins and
                  packed food rose from the
                  faded lino with lime highlights
                  the comic rack revolving
                  seceding titles successing
                  numbers companies of
                  generation branches discovered
                  a distant family
                  a close ancestry

                  now traceable





Batman wormhole: The Batline Life-line
comics & lifetimes wormhole: Dr Strange #6 (Feb 1975)
emergence wormhole: HA!
lime wormhole: the figure “46” / in frosted glass
smell wormhole: Bonus Books
streets wormhole: smalltown / Derbyshire
time wormhole: time proceeds
walking wormhole: 20000 / steps
yellow wormhole: lost cape