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on the occasion of my good friend and companion’s birthday today …





                           has nothing to do
                           with rumbled curly hair
                           with grey hair
                           with tinted glasses lodged in hair

                           with black furry collar
                           with broad brown shoulders
                           with candy-pink scarf
                                          loosely tied

                           but with whether you can hold a gaze
                                          without compromise
                                          or judgement





black wormhole: smalltown / Derbyshire
brown wormhole: 1955
C wormhole: at Rue de Provence & / Chausée d’Antin Trinité
grey wormhole: house / opposite
hair wormhole: not a word
looking wormhole: I will teach everything / I will write everything / I will say everything / I will read everything
pink wormhole: lost cape