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                      did ‘classified’ work
                                during the war
                      he worked 12 hour shifts
                                but found time to play
                                with his kids
                      what he achieved was
                      but what he gave was
                                duty to his family

                      he left few things in the
                      his gun his radio
                                his workshop
                      from a time that was
                                brown and textured

                      and his son who feigned
                                in the world
                                but breathed another
                                as he drew on his pipe
                      and left his family
                                to start another

                      he never did play in jazz clubs
                                I never could be
                                part of his new world

                      and my achievement in this life
                                will be to just be
                                what I am in this world compassionately
                                not aloof from this world arrogantly





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