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by Michael J Redford

culled from the words in Michael J Redford’s ‘the Redford Chronicles’ – he was seven years old when this happened to him. One of the ‘bombs on Catford’ fell on Sandhurst Road School – 38 children and six teachers died




                                                              bombs on

                     one and a half miles away at Brockley
                     I tumbled out of school and
                     at the corner of Stillness Road and
                     Crofton Park something caught my eye
                     over the roofs of houses our barrage balloon
                     eighty feet up was a ball of fire

                           to children of the Blitz
                           these balloons were
                           great silver animals
                           floating in the sky
                           forever gazing windward

                     I was gripping the side of the dustbin
                     and apart from the rumbling explosion
                     that came from over Catford way
                     everything was quiet

                     I turned and stared into the cockpit
                     of a Fokker 190 screaming
                     down the middle of the street
                     at roof level with machine guns
                     when a deep shiny dent
                     appeared in the dustbin
                     six inches from my hand

                     I remember racing madly
                     down Crofton Park Road
                     with Mum gripping my hand tightly
                     sobbing I can’t find him I can’t find him
                     and couldn’t understand
                     why Dad slapped her hard on the cheek





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