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                                          you are not a manager

                                          you do not manage
                                          you do not organise
                                          you do not cultivate
                                          you do not nurture
                                          you do not listen
                                          you do not link
                                          you do not team
                                          you do not consult
                                          you do not recognise
                                          even though you say you do
                                          you don’t

                                          you stand over us
                                          colossal in your power
                                          undeniable in your power
                                          unassailable in your power

                                          you do expect
                                          you do demand
                                          you do measure
                                          you do statisticise
                                          you do patronise
                                          you do forsake
                                          you do exploit
                                          you do lie
                                          you do betray
                                          even though you say you don’t
                                          you do

                                          and you petrify us in amber
                                          and smile benignly
                                          when complemented – by people
                                          who don’t know about
                                          what we actually do –
                                          on the fine collection of specimens
                                          with which to practise
                                          whatever it is
                                          that we actually do

                                          but you nurture death
                                          with your business and measure

                                          I said ‘you nurture dea – …’


                                          I wish you all the success
                                          in your systems and status
                                          as the doubt in myself and
                                          the doubt in the system
                                          with which I have lived
                                          petrified for twelve years





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