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                                calm down

                of the millions who don’t know me
                                only thousands do
                of the thousands who know me
                                only hundreds will hear
                of the hundreds who hear me
                                only tens will listen
                of the tens that listen
                                only one will read
                of the one who will read me
                                they will ‘like’ one in ten
                of tens of likes
                                only one will comment
                of hundreds of comments
                                only one will be moved
                of a thousand movements
                                only one will be transformed
                of a million transformations

                                I might finally come to know our respective true natures
                                                as one

it may be you
                but I’ll long-since
                              be dead and gone
                                              and I’m not even sure
                                                                 I was ever there
                                                                            in the first place





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