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          the wealth of having nothing
                                which I had thought I had
                      but now no longer need
                                          to protect
                                and keep

          I have no works and creations
                                I have just done work
                      and written some things
          I have all sorts of grand ideas
but I am just writing these words
                      that is all
                                          that is all

                                          to sit
          uncalculatedly a-target-fully
                                          so grounded so meshed so
                                even if only for ten minutes even at all
is so fundamental is so weighty
                                where even a lifetime’s endeavour
                      is just so much static

          so much to have
                      in the very absence of having
                                something worth having
                      so much to lose in the endeavour of acquiring
                                          so much anxiety in having

                                remain remain
                                always always
                                with what is
                                and here

                      there is constant veering banking
          there is always falling away
                                but remain
                      with what is actually
                                and always         flying
          gaining nowhere
                                                      in an endless endless sky

                                          how refreshing
          using the very abstract          that has fogged my life
                                I extract myself
                                          out of the abstract
                      not by charting my way back on course
          but by incising my experience
                                          back into my mind
                                                      back with the thread
                      going nowhere
                                          but here





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