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                                                   what comes first …

                                   still got a week
                      before I’m back to school and compromise
                                   must write
                                   a poem

                                                   the poem or the content …

                                   August Bank Holiday
                      stalls in the street everything to Have
                                   dunno where to

                                                   the shamatha or the vipashyana …

                                                   not here
                      I‘m not here I’m looking outside the detail
                                   for the poem finding

                                                   the posture …

                                                   finding either

                      if I weave into the details with all the awareness
                                   of notice
                                   I will
                      see the space of connection
                                   without them
                                   that strips
                                   them bare
                                   to love

                      I settle in the space of potential
                                   each event will
                                   become example
                                   without definition

                                                   … or the sitting?





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