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                                                      the trunk of the tree from Japan leans
                                   a little then bifurcates
                                                      the new branches
                                   reach and curl slightly
                                                      like the fingers
                                   of a tall woman the leaves flurry
                                                      in various directions
                                   like cuneiform and wave sometimes
                                                      before the brown
                                   stride of latticework arching fanning intersecting
                                   … BURIER   BIRCHAT   PELOUZE   CARNOT   LAME
                                   still to the drifting clouds of
                                                      the Eiffel Tower





branches wormhole: from my childhood
brown wormhole: Grandad / Redford
clouds & Eiffel Tower & Paris wormhole: the Eiffel Tower
trees wormhole: the Eiffel Tower
wind wormhole: boots on / for a walk