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                                                      back at the hotel
                                                      room nine floors up
                                                      grey clouds over
                                                      grey sky over
                                                      rooftop railings

                                                      twin plumes of steam
                                                      from a cup of tea
                                                      waiting by the bed
                                                      for me to sit and write
                                                      under a blown-up
                                                      pixelated picture of
                                                      the Eiffel Tower
                                                      at night





clouds & Eiffel Tower & Paris wormhole: the Eiffel Tower
grey wormhole: boots on / for a walk
night wormhole: ‘glints off …’
rooftops wormhole: archaeology / of the sky
writing wormhole: what comes first … // the poem or the content … // the shamatha or the vipashyana … // the posture … // or the sitting?