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                                   in one of the outhouses
                                   the green paint wooden door
                                   opened easily when the metal latch
                                   was raised – clack –

                                   petrol-crystal smell
                                   coal bunker dark


                                   tools hung white-washed wall
                                   rake Wellington boots tea-box

                                   and that was Grandad’s radio
                                   handsome box walnut knots
                                   polished mesh cloth speaker
                                   onoff volume tuner tick-marks
                                   along different levels of realities

                                              no electricity
                                              in the outhouses





black wormhole: your gold teeth
doors wormhole: winter / weeks
green wormhole: ‘across the flat meadow …’
radio & Ramsden Heath wormhole: Grandad / Redford
white wormhole: the Joker’s face
wood wormhole: one mirror