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                           in 1869
                           Woolwich New Road
                rough men built St. Peter’s Church and Presbytery
                           sandstone brick gothic
                           a hope for things to come

                           in 2011
                there is an Historic Woolwich plaque
                           in the pavement in front and opposite
                rough men in lemon jackets dig deep
                           into the ground making hills and rubble
                           with head-up red cranes reaching
                beautiful into the sky
                           and ground-level caterpillars
                yellow and orange bending to dig





church wormhole: ‘between the moon …’
crane wormhole: the crane
lemon wormhole: the Joker’s face
orange wormhole: The Batline Life-line
pavement wormhole: 1955
red wormhole: c’mon
sky wormhole: your gold teeth
Woolwich wormhole: 20000 / steps
yellow wormhole: holiday