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                                     sat looser this time
                                     in the armchair
                                     blankets scattered about

                                     but I was angry
                                     scattered about
                                     saw the dips
                                     felt the song
                                     tasted the drive
                                     heard the hounds-tooth blanket
                                              envelope me

                                     I got lost again
                                     but when I returned
                                     there was nothing
                                          to return to
                                     no further wave
                                     no crescendo
                                          where did it go?

                                     just the blankets
                                     left round the cushion
                                     rucked untidy and beautiful





part of … oh
identity wormhole: “bring in as many / different types of leaf / as you can find”
letting go wormhole: phantom / stranger
sitting wormhole: far better