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                                          it was


                      because the Batman
                      stood high on the cornice
                      by the blackened chimney
                      looking over the city
                      deep grey shrouded in
                      fathomless dark blue

                                … only

                      that the sky was deep pink
                      behind the apricot moon





apricot wormhole: HA!
Batman wormhole: holiday
blue wormhole: there
buildings wormhole: Plumstead Common / Road
chimney wormhole: crows on the / chimneys / of 40/38
city wormhole: Notre Dame
grey wormhole: the Eiffel Tower
Infantino wormhole: biography
night wormhole: “bring in as many / different kinds of leaf / as you can find”
pink wormhole: ruddy pink
moon wormhole: Bonus Books
seeing wormhole: I will teach everything / I will write everything / I will say everything / I will read everything
sky wormhole: demolition