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                           oh sigh
                           I wrote some poems
                           I am sitting into sitting
                           in whole nests of pockets
                           but still the stupid Beast speaks
                           Actions which will Progress
                           and I stand in the classroom
                           desperate to be sufficient
                           unto my vocation
                           and I get zagged and tagged
                           and shagged and roughed
                           between every eyelash
                           of my serene eye
                           to be trying so hard
                           to be still within emotion
                           that I end up frozen
                           despite my emotion
                           ever vulnerable

                           still so vulnerable
                           the hurt never addressed
                           the hurt never dressed
                           in irregular cycles
                           over a decade
                           all the while
                           big decisions to be made
                           big changes to anticipate
                           but the hurt never addressed





teaching wormhole: ‘for better or worse …’
writing wormhole: uncompletely