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film: There Will Be Blood (2007); director: Paul Thomas Anderson; actors: Daniel Day-Lewis




                                   ‘… all come to look for America’

                                   ruptured from my family
                                   to find my greater self
                                   I worked the land
                                   and it broke my back
                                   I took a child to call
                                   the land my own I
                                   could make this land
                                   for the benefit of all I
                                   could be for the benefit
                                   of all a fit place
                                   to raise a family

                                   must break you all
                                   to make you see
                                   you must eat the land I
                                   bring to you I will make
                                   you feed with my own hand
                                   to your mouth if I have to
                                   and then you will be baptised
                                   and then you will see
                                   my worth do you see
                                   do you see do you see

                                   yes yes I am finished





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