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                                   Four Noble Truths
                                        on a train



                      when I have the chair
                      when I have the ear
                      when I have the comment
                      the rush of relief
                      is giddy the dreams of
                      glory obscene and
                      then I over-explain
                      and over-give and
                      over-control and
                      put them all off
                      with a sudden wilt

                      when the chair overlooks
                      when the ear listens to itself
                      when the comment expects
                      the fossil of defeat is buried deep
                      the sideline of gaze is cornered
                      and I plan and I search and
                      I communicate like a
                      rogue spy and put others
                      out of their safe protocol
                      so that they don’t want to listen


                      either self-asserted
                      despite others’ notice
                      and easily over-reaching
                      or easily exposed
                      and deflated like a
                      large rubbery fart

                      the eight year old
                      wandering the
                      stairwells and landings
                      looking for Daddy


                      don’t over-relief and preen
                      when noticed don’t lose
                      everything when ignored …


                      stand slightly back and to one side
                      with slight smile
                      when over vindicating
                      when leaking despair
                      and allow that I over
                      and allow that I leak
                      like walking a dog


                      so my train slows to stop and
                      the train on the track beside
                      is accelerating off the other way
                      am I still going or stopped yet?

                      stay in your seat





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