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The Smoker You Drink The Player You Get (1973), Joe Walsh & Barnstorm





                      my brother ordered
                      the smoker you drink
                      the player you get by mail
                      all the way from america
                      to genesta road
                      when he was eleven
                      with his pocket money

and brought wooden glass walls and doors   raindrops in wheat stalks      fine chiselled filigree on the stained snuff box      misty plains and misty textures      a furl of mist stealing round the corner by the iron black lamp post into the lemon-blue morning      the anticipation of snow through the full-length frosted-glass door      reaching the top of the hill watching the blue veins through the streets like waves      birdsong twist in the trees somewhere behind the red-tiled roof ridge      wrapped-snare quarter fills      sparrow-call uphill in a pine tree amplified by the whole hill      relaxed rejoinders to the la-la-la la’s strolling over the woods back to the house

                      which didn’t just
                      walk up those steps
                      to the front door
                      by themselves
                      and all because
                      he’d caught a
                      silent glimpse of it
                      on the old grey
                      whistle test

                      I should have paid more attention to him





1973 wormhole: 1973
birds wormhole: coffee shop
black & wood wormhole: radio
blue wormhole: only
emergence wormhole: 1970 // just now
Genesta Road wormhole: wakey wakey / time to get up
glass wormhole: there
lemon wormhole: portrait
hills wormhole: Bonus Books
lamp-post wormhole: “bring in as many / different kinds of leaf / as you can find”
mist wormhole: ”please me very kind with your practice …’
morning wormhole: ‘8:30 kitchen …’
pine wormhole: ‘under the orange streetlamp the …’
rain wormhole: 11:50 pm
red wormhole: Woolwich Central – / making life better
roof wormhole: looking
snow wormhole: thawing
sparrows wormhole: all at / once
streets wormhole: gotcha
trees wormhole: the Eiffel Tower
walls wormhole: Woolwich Central – / making life better II