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                                              dreamed through the day
                      tired bones from walking yesterday
                      too many late nights
                                   chasing the excitement
                                   I think I haven’t had today
                                   to make it significant
                                              chasing so much
                                              to make my life significant

                      chasing comic-colour treescapes
                                              to reassure me significance
                                   making lists of them
                                   making points of them
                                   making a fetish out of them
                                              to keep them close
                                              and keep them fresh
                      but find in the end that I am tired
                                   all that chasing
                                   all that keeping
                                   such a long and lonely mistake
                                              dumb and stupid
                      with all my collections around me

                                              except when I sit
                      and have the stamina to keep sitting
                                   even through one lurch
                                              to excitement
                                   even through one blank
                                              of boredom
                                   charging even one fibre
                                   of a muscle to be alert

                                              to glow

                      so that I could spend all day





buildings wormhole: gotcha
identity wormhole: a written life
significance wormhole: wrong
sitting wormhole: I am a solid block of stone
talking to myself wormhole: underneath
trees wormhole: train
walking wormhole: write / in / g