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                                              my awareness
                                and growth
                                              are like my abdomen

                                              my abdomen has always
                                worn slightly more fat
                than the rest of my body
                                              even when I was a skinny teen

                                since I was an older teen
                                              I exercised myself to
                make me strong to stand
                                on my own two feet
                my biceps my triceps not my deltoids – my best feature
                                              my chest my thighs not my calves – my second best feature
                                I exercised in heavy numbers
                                                              I exercised in many numbers

                now I am older I find I have injured
                                my wrists my back my knees
                I don’t exercise so much now
                                              and I am still only as strong and fit
                                as I ever was

                                                              but I have found that if I
                use my abdomen all the time
                                as I move around as I lay and sit
                                              not flexed heroically just
                                engaged in all movement
                                              all movement exercising them
                                              I will become stronger
                                as I become older despite
                my injuries and weaknesses
                                              and maybe lose that puppy fat
                                that never seemed to shift

                                                              the actual exercise is to remember
                                to use them at all times
                                              rather than let them hang
                to remember so much that I forget them –
                                              a real sweaty lifetime workout





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