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                                                              when anythinging

          do I craft a creation  or  do I spontaneously find
                         discipline  or  abandonment
                         superhero  or  poet
                                monk  or  mad saint
                         AfL Guru  or  spontaneous teacher
                                 form  or  essence
                          shamatha  or  vipashyana
                                 yang  or  yin
                             precise  or  surf…?

                                                              … well

                           both                  obviously
              this the                                  Great Juggle of my life
                              relaxed    discipline
                        disciplined    relaxation
                             shifting    balance – the
                         foot-place    and the foot-lift which

          I have to CONSTANTLY adjust
                                just to keep walking but also
          I have to constantlyadjust
                                in order to keepwalking




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