the Wayward Spirit wafts through my window on those occasional days when the pattern of weeks, or even months previous, lets go and shifts.   She moves around the corners of the room and makes one or two things flutter a bit, and is gone.   Usually out past my shoulder as I turn, to notice things in my room which were always there but I hadn’t been noticing for weeks or maybe even months – and which were obviously there for a purpose.   I was contemplating the books on my shelf today and noticed a stray bookmark which looked suspiciously like:

I looked on the back and there was what looked to be a description of a latterday-mexicanpink autumnal ritual – seven parts revelation-initiation and fifteen parts flutterby-bestowal.   Curiouser and curiouser the ways of this spirit, I thought, if I follow it will I flutter, will I perch or will I fall?   Either way … I’ll still be pink.

Here are some pink leaves about m lewis redford

  1. I drew my Gravatar image on 10th August 1978.   I haven’t aged since then although I look quite different now
  2. the Redfords – a withering breed, an eye for fine and beauty, but nothing to say- vor that is not
  3. I vacuumed downstairs, had a fine coffee and some lemon marmalade on toast between 1. and  2.
  4. I lived my childhood and emergenthood in Plumstead, SE London, working my way up and down the hill to Woolwich and back looking for ways and significance – from this I have an abiding love of green and grey
  5. I have long thought that I am Batman (it’s what got me out of childhood); imagine my surprise when I discovered I was actually the Riddler all along!
  6. I watched the rain against a window one Sunday afternoon; one of the drops suddenly angled away from its course downwards and then turned again to continue parallel for a long time – flow, hold … hold … trickle – but then it eventually rejoined its original flow; I thought that this portended my future life; I went to university and got involved with a Buddhist group and it took a good thirty years to wriggle my way through it and renew my way again: zen against / the window
  7. I cannot accept a ‘one lovely blog’ award without mentioning my ‘one lovely companion’ in life for the past thirty one years – she is handsome, she wears a wild of undyed grey hair with a candy-pink scarf, and she sorts me out (sometimes even when I want her to)

Here are some blogs that spin love in their webs and their words:

  1. very precise notice of place and people made in love and through which to find love: Emina Redzic
  2. the Blue Girl who keeps finding her love beside her no matter where she looks
  3. one who loves a dizzying panoply of place, time and music enough to become a whole audience herself; she even writes in little hearts
  4. omrum delves deep through the shrubs tracing the gnarly branches lovingly back to where they came
  5. Tazein Mirza Saad takes the happiness and suffering of her life and magnifies it through God’s eyes to a planet’s happiness and suffering
  6. Moriah LaChapell continues ‘to pour / my life / into those / I love’ – her family and her plants – as a challenge and question to the world
  7. Lazy Wednesdays loves the way that the spaces between words jump through all boundaries, all horizons
  8. Bruce Ruston loves to pick up a thread and follow it to a propinquitant point
  9. Philip Vermaas runs a virtual hotel in his own heart of 9, rue Gît-le-Cœur for all the literary itinerants who wander poetry cities of the world; he lets them board for nothing and even offers them soup and bread
  10. David Archer looks with such metaphor between himself and other that he finds love everywhere, even in love lost, even in himself
  11. John Weeran has a thousand stories that take you on a journey to the self you always had but didn’t have the love to be
  12. lesley carter loves travelling, and when she can’t cross borders she wanders through all sorts of blogs, I see her paddling around all over the place
  13. Joe shows love of place and close experience unadorned through words smeared on a microscope slide
  14. Anne Bradshaw loves to travel in a custom-built image which has been built by a word or two all over the time
  15. the love of seventeen syllables and other fish:

It’s taken the best part of a day to put this together but a creeping pinkness has coloured it all enough so that everything can breathe …