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in the dining                                              
room behind the                                              
armchair by the                                              

shelf with my own                                              
collection of books                                              
and comics by the                                              
drawing of the three                                              
stages of the Saturn                                              

V rocket on pink wall over                                              
black boards by the border                                              
on the carpet edge there where                                              
I had caught my first sight of a                                              
monster’s face voluptuous on a                                              
trading card the place to                                              
find               significance                                              





black wormhole: The Smoker You Drink The Player You Get (1973) – tribute
books wormhole: losing the anxiety
carpet wormhole: 1976
childhood wormhole: duck calls
comics wormhole: phantom / stranger
Eglinton Hill wormhole: bench / corner of Cantwell Road / and Eglinton Hill
pink wormhole: only
significance wormhole: stamina