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                                                      rear attic

                           through the
            smallpalepinkflowersonwhiteandbeige curtains
                           shaft of aslant sunlight
                           fanthening strip by strip along
                           the slighty embossed wallpaper
                           of the attic window alcove
                           until the edge of the inward-sloping

                           I whine to be picked out of the cot
                           I worry the railings the catch that holds
                           but don’t understand
                           but no one comes
                           so I notice the walnut record player and radio
                           stored away and standing like a
                           Manhattan apartment building





a room in the House on Eglinton Hill
bedroom wormhole: the open window
beige wormhole: ‘dirty beige …’
childhood & Eglinton Hill & pink wormhole: there
curtains wormhole: snow and incense
Manhattan wormhole: travel writing
radio wormhole: radio
sun & white wormhole: sun low / from behind
windows wormhole: evening