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a little knot formed from the oak of Allen Ginsberg’s ‘candour ends paranoia’.   The oak is now 86 years old.   The knot has struggled to reach out a branch for many years and has only recently unfurled some leaves.   It calls itself naïve.   It will soon be 53.




                                   guileless naïveté –
                                   a biographical
                                   manifest –oh!

                                   do not preclude writing
                                   dressed in poetic ideas

                                   open to new-dity
                                   looking at everything
                                   all over again
                                   fifty years on





Allen Ginsberg wormhole: from Allen Ginsberg’s Journal, August 13th, 1944
life wormhole: the spectre
naïveté wormhole: militant naïveté
realisation wormhole: twisted / pulled / and chipped
writing wormhole: write / by the / night / of the / lamp