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                                                      on the brow of Ashdown Forest
                                under gathering grey canyons
                                                      and squally firs

                                          the green Wellington boots
                                clump to the ground
                                taking the rucked-down woollen socks
                                          with them

                                                      bare pink feet

                in the car park at King’s Standing

                                          and after an hour working and walking through
                                                      the suffocation to be
                                breathed at work
                                          I think I’m good with that






acceptance wormhole: whiter than family
Ashdown Forest wormhole: c’mon
being wormhole: juxtaposition
clouds wormhole: evening
feet wormhole: ‘in the bookshop …’
fir wormhole: sun low / from behind
green wormhole: duck calls
grey wormhole: 1974 – Greens / End Woolwich
pink wormhole: rear attic / bedroom
walking wormhole: when anythinging
wind wormhole: there is