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                                          I sit
                                     and for a few
                                          precious seconds
                                     maybe even
                                          partial seconds
                                     if I’m honest

                                          I’ll breathe
                                          like a tulip

                                     without my notice
                                          or intention
                                     and ‘like a flash of lightning
                                          in the dark of night’
                                     the whole garden
                                          will shift with the breeze
                                     and theme the colour of the moment

                                          too quick
                                     to shelter from the
                                          timeless creeping penumbra
                                     a tangled grubby weave
                                          of voice and echo wide as the sky

                                          ah, but the air the air





part of … oh
being wormhole: Big Mind
breathing wormhole: wakey wakey / time to get up
breeze wormhole: bench / corner of Cantwell Road / and Eglinton Hill
clouds wormhole: perched
garden wormhole: duck calls
lightning wormhole: footfall
night wormhole: write / by the / night / of the / lamp
Shantideva wormhole: self
sitting wormhole: relationship
sky wormhole: 1974 – Greens / End Woolwich
tulip wormhole: weekend