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                                          Batman 168

                                on a late Saturday afternoon
                                the Batman was already tired

                                and high up in the redbrick building
                                the will to see the way through the fight

                                was lost and
                                he succumbed

                                to hang in the air awhile with the broken shards of glass
                                above Infantino’s languid city





1964 wormhole: 1964
Batman wormhole: ‘I am the Riddler …’
afternoon wormhole: autumn
buildings wormhole: 1970s
city & Infantino wormholes: only
glass wormhole: The Smoker You Drink The Player You Get (1973) – tribute
identity wormhole: there is
Infantino wormhole: only
red wormhole: 1974 – Greens / End Woolwich
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