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                                   I am a secret

                                   I write poems
                                   I create markbooks
                                   I read heartbeats
                                   I speak sideways

                                   right under the noses
                                   right in the faces of
                                   everyone and no one

                                   they are satisfied
                                   with my mild-mannered
                                   alter ego mark redford
                                   just being there good enough

                                   little do they know
                                   I am planting poems
                                   all over town on each
                                   and every vista in
                                   each and every time
                                   under each and every
                                   breath a brouh ha-ha-ha

                                   and away from their
                                   noses and faces I sit
                                   and damn it all I should
                                   be sitting hard and sitting
                                   gentle with muscular
                                   discipline a brightly
                                   invisible badge on my
                                   chest and a swirling
                                   cape to hide and to fly
                                   masked unseen unheard
                                   to trigger all those poems

            shhhh …

                                                                                 … poom





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