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                                I am in a corner shop
                                evening gathers inside
                                ending-day-busy streetlights just on
                                a girl and myself waiting to be served
                                quiet       I am seated       waiting

                                the girl is adjusting her shoes
                                adjusting her feet in them
                                drawing them slightly up
                                not fully taking her foot out
                                but enough to see her veined boned feet
                                enough to see the separation of her toes

                                she notices me noticing and moves
                                to another part of the shop to continue adjusting
                                something       I am sorry
                                she has on a yellow dress

                                she comes back to the counter
                                and stands beside me talking
                                to the shopkeeper adjusting her tights now
                                plucking them up raising her dress a little
                                she steps and sits on my lap

                                without talking without referring
                                to me still talking to the shopkeeper
                                clean crumpled yellow cotton neck


                                a little bashful I put my arms around her waist
                                she continues to talk engaged in her business
                                her hands come to rest on my hands on her legs
                                I am embarrassed

                                but she is comfortable in my lap
                                moving and leaning as she talks
                                thank you yellow cotton shoulder

                                now I know what to write
                                now I know what to do
                                now I can breathe
                                deeply                     I could sleep now





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