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written 100911; I just thought I’d like to share with you: I stopped drinking April 2010 and I haven’t had a drop since …





just over a year ago I would have bested a good half of sherry while cooking a wholesome stodge of what my family called mud pie

                                           today I sipped
                            pink grapefruit juice while I chopped
                                                          white cloves of garlic
                                           greenish halves of onion into a pot
                with olive oil lid on
                                                          added cubed potato with skins
                                           green celery with cream middle
                            (which I chomped a little – peppery)
                                           whole bottle of passata
                                                          and chick peas
                                                          and a base of adzuki soup –

                            a true fiesta which still
                                                          ended up as mud pie





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