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                 why do I miss you now
                 running up and down
                 the kitchen squeowing
                 for the food cupboard
                 to open through sheer
                 force of cat?

                 I somehow knew I was feeding you for the last time
                 I knew I was holding you and letting your
                 shoulder lean into my hand and scratching
                 your head and neck for the last time
                 I kissed the back of your head for the first time
                 but you who were stuck in a feline world
                 just didn’t know

                 and released from that body your ignorance
                 was far wiser than my knowledge

                 you were cute as a cat
                 skitty and scrawny
                 and did a lot of cat-processing of the world but
                 your body was rotting
                 and there is far more potential to be realised
                 now that it doesn’t define your space and limit

                 I wish you well
                 empty being
                 with whom I lived your life as a small creature
                 may we continue our beings
                 now less complicatedly defined





… in memory of: Bob 1995-2012
cat & death & lifetimes wormhole: Bob // 1995/2012
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