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                                              Bob sat
                                              and ran
                                              and groo
                                              med and
                                              fed and
                                              and sle
                                              pt and st
                                              for sev
                                              enteen y
                                              ears and
                                              then just
                stopped she got ill and then just stopped

                                              she transformed energy in her life
                                the transforming doesn’t happen
                                                                                    through her anymore
                                              it just wafts around a little
                unsure where to go
                                                              little swirls and eddies like the nap of her fur
it’ll take a little time to get used up elsewhere

                waiting for me to
                about bloody time
                realise that my love
                and seeing always
                happen right now
                just right now





… in memory of: Bob 1995-2012
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life wormhole: mourning
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