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I suppose it’s OK
                I haven’t found resolution
                I cannot achieve significance
                but I still exist in the world

                it’s just time I exercised my search
                and practised my expression
                                despite my world
                                my career my family
                which never could – and aren’t there to –
                reflect back my significance

                stand on my own two feet

                you cannot leather the world
                                less so the harder you try to walk –
                                              doesn’t fit keeps slipping off –

                                                              gather in
                                              flex your abdomen
                                and step





abdomen wormhole: my awareness / and growth / are like my abdomen
identity wormhole: poessay V: // writing / as practice while / writing
walking wormhole: gully
Shantideva wormhole: honest
striving wormhole: twisted / pulled / and chipped
talking to myself wormhole: on holiday
zazen wormhole: the writing’s / on the wall