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                                two fat ladies
                                chk klak klip

                on one half of the table
                                by the window
                two skinny lattes wait
                the folded newspapers
                                definitely wait
                while the scones are loaded
                                marg, no          butter
                                raspberry         bottom lip out
                                ‘pop’ blackberry jam ‘pop’
                                small pots dainty fingers
                                ser              vie              ettes
                sitting back the plates are held
                and looking down the road
                at something they chew

                in unison


                                all the while

                and after they have gone
                on the other half of the table
                                the student
                her shopping all done beside her
                reads the page of the booklet
                                then writes a paragraph
                                              pen flipped up big letters
                                pink highlight headings
                                pen replaced plap
                satisfaction while the café music
                                snare drums
                                and never reaches
                                the chorus





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