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why don’t you do something
                      why don’t you say something
            they said when I was young
                      and because no one notices anything other
            than their own statement
I didn’t so because there was little point
                      and they had wandered
            off somewhere else anyway while
                      I hesitated and looked at the ground

            but I was so lonely

                      so I did something
            and I said something
                      I have something to do
I have something to say –
            bare tree branch against
                      a sandstone brick wall
                                   in the sun –

                      and now
            compromised to do empty things
and resigned to bite my tongue
                      with a broken heart
            … oh come on
                      this is the life-long chance
                                   to act
            within doing with an empty heart
                                   (like a secret agent)
            and to speak
                      while I word with a loving heart
            (like a secret writer)
                      and let my heart empty
                                   of all the pain of bidding and persuading
as Frost somewhat said
                      out of step is useful
            because you get to notice the things that everyone else missed
                                   out of order
                      is no use to anyone

                      with all your body and all your sight
            with all your heart and all your mind





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