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film: 2001: a Space Odyssey (1968); directed: Stanley Kubrick; actors: Keir Dullea




                                                   the fingers

                            that the ancestor touched and withdrew
                                                   and sniffed and worked over
                                      the monolith

                            that the leader closed around the bone
                                      to feel the length-weight
                                                                   and reach of shard and dust

                            that the astronaut let linger
                                      draped and tentative yet gloved and sealed
                                                   across the edge of the monolith

                            that the cosmonaut worked
                                                                   to release each level in turn
                                      and pressure of the computers mind

                            that the terminal human empty in survival and longlife
                                                   lifted failed and feeble to hold
                                      the floating monolith

                            were never balanced graceful or noble
                                                   as they felt the next right-angle
                                                   of mind





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