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                                                      the path
                                                      no echo

                                     I don’t think I ever noticed
                                     the path out of youth
                                     even while I was treading it
                                     even while I was arming myself
                                     with the ideals and attitudes
                                     I had brought with me

                                     I carry these heavy weights
                                     because of the rarefied atmosphere
                                                                      up here

                                     it always ever was
                                     and is easy to just set it all down
                                     then skip along carefree
                                     but I have strapped it all to me
                                     defined myself as someone
                                     who does not compromise

                                     and now at 50
                                     I am weary and weak
                                     I see no view
                                     I stare to the ground
                                     to keep the pack on my back

                                     my true path out of
                                     Youth and Resistance
                                                                                    I realise now
                                     is to breathe
                                     out and let it all go
                                     before I breathe
                                     back in again





breathing wormhole: poessay V: / writing / as practice while / writing
compromise wormhole: “write, let’s break / outta here!”
letting go wormhole: so much
life wormhole: the fingers
path wormhole: twilight
silence wormhole: the end
values wormhole: listen willya