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                the oaks
in the triangle of land between
                Eglinton Hill and
                Cantwell Road
grow leaning haphazard out of the raised earth

                it was
fenced off gated and unknown when I was young
                in the sixties
it is fenced off still and littered
                in my fifties

                every Autumn
they shed leaves make the land grow contained
                by the fences

                but they are
                not huge
they are clothed in new arran pullovers of
                thick ivy


~~ “mlr” ~~


                                          on 2nd November 1967 my Dad left

                                          a little later in 1968 I dug a hole in the garden
                                          a little frightened about how deep I would go

                                          I lobbed stones high up into the air (careful that they land
                                          back in my own garden) and wondered if they could strike
                                          the birds            the planes?

                                          I ran around the edge of the garden over a hundred times
                                          counting the laps (and was made to drink salted squash
                                          to replace the sweat I’d lost)

                                          I wondered: if an alien race conquered the world
                                          and said they would go away if Someone could
                                          answer one single question correctly,
                                          and it was only I who would know the answer
                                          stood there in the garden                           now





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