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                                “don’t move
                                  just die
                                  over and over …
                                  be true to
                                  and don’t move”

                                  – Suzuki Roshi

                      when I sit I sit
                      in a formal posture
                      in a natural posture
                      completely still
                      completely still
                                so still that
                      the slightest movement
                      will be seen
                      and smiled at
                      without smiling
                      and in the smiling
                      it will die
                      again and again

                      when I get up from
                      I will do something
                      I will do anything
                      in a formal posture
                      in a natural posture
                      completely doing it
                      completely doing
                                so involved that
                      the slightest pause
                      the slightest spin-off
                      will be seen
                      and included
                      without involvement

                      and ‘in’ the ‘clusion…’
                      it will die
                      again and again





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