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                                   two year
                                   on | off …

                                   I broach the problem
                                   I send the document
                      what have I got to lose

                      my complaints are nullified – pok –
                      and returned to me like tennis
                                   as usual

                      and we get nowhere
                      I return to work – despite myself –
                      but we get absolutely nowhere
                                   no one listens
                      whether they love hate or indifferent
                                   the serve

                                   is it me
                      have I got it all wrong
                      am I creating all the illusion
                      through all that I do and yet

                                   I know what I say
                                   I know what I feel
                                   I know why I do things
                                   I know what I see
                                   I know what I think
                                   I know what I write
                      and I know that I never get any of it returned
                                   in dialogue
                      I have thought and creation and action
                      in a world which seems
                      from the world I operate in

                      and all the while I wander the corridors
                      and haunt the classrooms noticing that
                      even the sunshine has black cobwebs in it

                                   (… to 121212)





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