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this is actually my New Year’s poem but it took a little time to get between two halves of a bun. Happy New Year everyone!




                                          meditation session

                                          uh oh
                                here comes another one
                                a giant hamburger
                                waitamminit I don’t eat meat
                                nomatter an inch thick round
                                of meat the exact width
                                of two palpy whitebuns
                                butwholemeal tangy pickle
                                marinating into still-crunchy
                                lettuce and I’m going to
                                bite into it, I know it, and
                                I’ll close my eyes and
                                the bread will mulch
                                there’ll be meat-tang up
                                the roof of my mouth there’ll be
                                pickle-tang at my gills drinkjuice
                                mulch swallow eyes-roll but
                                this one is so big it has swallowed me
                                I have become one of the ingredients
                                I’llbeswallowedsoon aghhh …

                                          back to the breath





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