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*the title comes from a humorous reference made by Pema Chödrön in her book ‘Taking the Leap’ to training (… dogs)




                                   the anxiety
                                   which moves
                                   to strive to
                                   fill the gap
                                   that suggests
                                   that I am
                                   in the whole
                                   of this multiple
                                   world and prove
                                   that I am not
                                   even unto myself
                                   through constant
                                   ripples and waves
                                   of sentences
                                   crossing over
                                   each other in
                                   all directions
                                   getting everywhere
                                   on the same level
                                   but for the sky
                                   they reach for
                                   but can never
                                   ever be …

                                   sit    stay    heal*




anxiety wormhole: ontophilology
being & identity & sitting wormhole: practice: